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Who we are

Who We Are

Everyone knows that Bingo is not the game it used to be. Smartphones and apps have changed the course of the way people play games. In order to fix that we have decided to go online and make sure that this fun game doesn’t go anywhere any time soon.

We primarily rent out spaces to play Bingo, and have liaised with multiple communities to ensure that the stakes are lucrative enough to get a steady patronage. We have also launched a popular online version of the game that so far has a million registered users.

We, as a company, would like to make sure that this game doesn’t go out any time soon. With all the app-based games doing the rounds today, our goal is to make sure that Bingo and the sense of community that comes with it stays alive. In order to do this, our halls are not only a space for bingo to be called out, but we also have kiosks with modernized versions of the game so that you can make your visit with your family. While the old guns play the traditional version of the game, we have online kiosks where younger players can get a feel for the game through a medium of their choice.

This game has a long history, and is hugely responsible in knitting local communities together, it is our goal to ensure that the sense of community is not lost to the wave of technology that is taking over our lives. We would like to keep the spirit of community alive with our multimedia spaces that are vibrant and perfect for a great evening of Bingo.

So, if you are looking for a great activity to help bring people together, get in touch with us, we will help you organize a great evening of Bingo and keep it exciting enough that everyone troops in!